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How We Work

We work hard to make it as simple as possible for the clients who contact us looking to sell a used or junk car.

You can contact us by phone, e-mail, or through an online chat, seven days a week. No matter how you contact us, we'll need to ask a few questions about the car you're looking to sell, and we'll be able to make a cash offer very quickly (usually within minutes, sometimes within a few hours).

We've built relationships with steel recyclers, used parts and car dealers, salvage companies, and all manner of potential buyers for your used car. Once you've given us the relevant details, we'll quickly determine how we can get and offer the most cash for your car.

If you accept our offer, we'll then schedule a free tow to pick up your car based on your schedule. We can usually pick up your car within 24 hours, but if it's over a weekend or holiday, we may need 48 hours.

The tow truck driver will show up with the cash we promised, and at the time you requested. You'll sign over the title, and your problem car will be out of your hair.

After decades of buying old cars, we know that keeping it as simple, honest, and fast as possible, are the keys to satisfying our customers.

We're proudly a Green operation. If we can, we'll fix up your car and resell it to someone who keeps using it. The best Green policy is to reuse what we can.

If your car is totaled, we'll still try to salvage spare parts to keep other vehicles on the road.

If your car is only worth its weight in steel, we'll recycle as much as we can.

We'll also make sure that the many hazardous fluids and compounds in junk cars are dealt with in an environmentally responsible way.


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