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Tips for Selling your Car During A Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created some unexpected and unprecedented situations across the globe. It has completely changed the ways we perform various activities, and people are now looking for the safest ways to conduct their businesses, especially those involving close contact with people. Those working from home and spending the majority of time indoors are considering selling their extra vehicles collecting dust in the garage.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to be working from home. People who have to go out for work are avoiding public transport and car-sharing apps to minimize contact and are looking for an alternate, reliable transportation mode. The situation has led to a significant rise in the number of people looking to sell their vehicles and has increased the demand for used automobiles. Now is probably an ideal time to sell your car at a fair price.

However, selling a car during a pandemic is not simple. Whether you are selling to a dealer or a private buyer, there are safety concerns and the need to follow social distancing and proper sanitary rules.

Here we mention a few tips to safely navigate through the car selling process during the Coronavirus pandemic:

Find the car’s value

Do some online research and use various car valuation tools to determine what buyers are paying for similar vehicles by filling in details like the car’s condition, make, model, and year. Knowing an approximate value of the car gives an idea and a starting point to contact dealers or potential buyers with a realistic price.

Clean and disinfect the car

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are laying a lot of stress on cleanliness. To attract potential buyers and get some good money for the vehicle, ensure to clean and sanitize the car thoroughly from inside out for safety. The buyers can get more interested after knowing that you are following all the necessary precautions to stay protected from the virus.

Contact reliable dealers

The fastest and the easiest way to sell a car is through experienced and reliable dealers and chain car buyers. You can discuss all the details on call to avoid meeting personally. Several dealers are now willing to arrange for picking up the vehicle and pay you money then and there, eliminating the need to meet several people to conduct the selling process.

If selling privately, keep most of the process online

If you are willing to sell the car to individual buyers, the best way is to create an online listing on various portals mentioning every minute detail about the vehicle. Upload the car’s pictures and videos from different angles inside out to help potential buyers get a good idea of the vehicle remotely. Think from the buyer’s perspective and mention all the things they may want to know about your car. If possible, use modern technology to show the car, answer questions, and address concerns through various video calling apps.

Test drives

Most people remain unwilling to buy a car without test driving, which can get challenging during a pandemic as it involves sitting beside a stranger and the fear of catching the virus. A solution to this situation is uploading a test drive video for interested buyers or providing them with the vehicle history from a third party and an inspection report prepared by an independent mechanic for their satisfaction.

Keep the documents handy

It is essential to keep all the paperwork ready as required by the State’s law to transfer the ownership legally once you find a suitable buyer.

Maintain social distance

As you get a few interested buyers who wish to conclude sales, be mindful of maintaining at least 6 feet distance, wearing masks, and frequently sanitizing the hands while discussing the deal details.


While online payment may seem like a viable option during a pandemic, they are susceptible to frauds and scams. To eliminate any risk, consider cash or cashier checks as the possible payment modes.

Doing proper research, staying proactive, and following a physically distanced, sanitized, and safe approach can make the car selling process quick and easy during a pandemic.

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