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Understanding the difference between a Salvage Yard and a Scrap Metal Yard

Do you have a junk car that you want to sell for cash? You are lucky if your car is in drivable condition because almost 69% of Americans buy a used car. However, if it is only gathering dust and rust, you can consider either salvaging or scrapping the vehicle. That means you have to look around for a salvage yard or a scrap metal yard.

Here is important to mention that while many people believe them to be the same place, there is a considerable difference between the two. An automotive salvage yard is a junkyard for old cars and trucks while a scrap yard is a junkyard for metal and plastic. Depending on what you need to sell or buy, you have to understand the functioning of both places for an informed decision that could yield maximum profit.

Automotive Salvage Yard

A salvage yard is a business that deals with the buying and selling of nonworking or working vehicles. This includes junk cars whether wrecked, unusable, damaged, or no longer used by the owner. There is a misconception that automotive salvage yards only buy vehicles in junk condition. But the truth is that they buy it even when it’s working. So as long as you want to sell it they are ready to fix the deal.

These automotive yards are great to sell an old car because they may pay you the highest offers around and that too for cash benefits. They either restore or refurbish the vehicle for the salvage yard auctions or break them apart to sell the parts. These businesses drain all the fluids such as oil, gas, antifreeze, etc from a car, extract all the unusable parts or leftovers before putting them in the yard. Everything that can be recycled is best taken care of by these yards. The recycling ability of these salvage yards is amazing and due to this, they are always ready to offer the vehicle owners the highest price around for even a junked car. Moreover, recycling is anyways good for the environment.

All you need is to call a salvage yard and give them a detailed description of your car. Based on it, they will give you an offer and if the deal is done, they will tow away the car for free.

Automotive Scrap Yard

Unlike salvage yards, scrap yards are businesses that purchase leftover scrap metal in large quantities. While the salvage yards will pay you for the entire car, a scrap yard would pay only for the metal. They usually have a base price for each metal and buy or sell in pounds or tons. So when you want to make good cash from a scrap yard, the quantity needs to be huge.

These scrap yards deal in all kinds of metals including copper, cast zinc, and aluminum as the most popular forms of metal that are heaped in tons in these yards. Metals from heavy metal cars, aluminum cars, several appliances, and even electrical wires can be sold in scrap yards. That means you can sell any kind of metal junk to them. Scrap yards recycle the metal and further sell it to the respective industries and businesses, thus contributing to the environment by reducing landfill waste, pollution, and carbon emission. However, they usually buy metal at cheaper rates and late sell it at a higher price.

When you think of selling your junked car to a scrap yard, consider some factors that decide the cost of scrap. It includes the year, make and model of the car, current scrap metal price, vehicle condition like rusting and warping, location of the vehicle, and value of the parts.

By understanding the differences, you have the clarity of where to go for the best bargain and higher profits on selling an old vehicle. If you are in Chicago and want to sell your car, you may contact Kelly Car Buyers that deals in cash for junk cars and also provide towing facility for no extra cost.

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