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We've been buying and selling cars and trucks since before anyone had ever heard of an SUV. These days, the popularity of SUVs, the rising cost of gas, and the weak economy mean that more people than ever are entering Sell SUVs into a search engine. It might be you need additional space in your garage area or perhaps instant cash near your location, now you can instantly turn your used SUV into instant cash.

We at Kelly Car Buyers, buy SUVs no matter what their age or condition. We pay cash, we tow them away for free, and we make the whole process as simple as possible.

Who accepts cash for junk cars?

Several businesses accept cash for junk cars. The value of the car will dictate how much money you can expect to receive. Generally, the older and more damaged the vehicle is, the less payment you will get. The amount you will get will depend on the status of your vehicles such as scrap metal, model, and title. However, with our company, we guarantee to give you not only the best possible price for your junk car but a hassle-free experience as well. We know that selling a car can be a stressful experience, so we do everything we can to make it as easy and seamless as possible for our customers. We'll come to you to pick up the car, and we'll take care of the rest.

Junk Car Buyers Near Your Area

Kelly Car Buyer wants to buy your car no matter how much damage, doesn't run or maybe you just need to get out from under. We have outlets around the country, and we offer same-day pickup anywhere your location is. We also have a team of highly trained professionals who are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about our service.

If you have a blown engine, no transmission, or is your car just not worth fixing? We'll buy it!

We'll remove old junk cars no matter what condition they're in. We come to your home, business or even if the car was towed to a salvage place, we'll pick it up for you 7 days a week. Our team of experienced professionals will work quickly and efficiently to get your car back to you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business, and we're always looking for new ways to improve our service.

Amount Of Cash for Your junk car?

It depends on several factors, including the make, model, and condition of the car, as well as the current market value of scrap metal. The average price for a junk car is $4,000 but can range anywhere from $200 to $10,000. The most common price paid for a junk car is $200, but many factors can affect the prices. For instance, the price of a junk car may be higher if it is located on private property rather than on a public road. Additionally, the price may be higher if the car has been checked by a mechanic and deemed to be in good working condition.

Essentials for selling a junk car?

The requirements for selling a junk car vary depending on the state or country in which the sale takes place. In the United States, there are no federal laws governing the sale of junk cars, so each state has its own set of regulations. Some states, like New York, listed some rules one must comply with to sell your old vehicle. Other states, like Florida, have no such requirement.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website and we would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you if you are looking to sell your SUV.

We have well-trained customer service reps manning the phone and web 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once decided, we'll need to get some basic information about the SUV you are looking to sell. For example, what's the year, make, body and engine condition, etc. All of these factors play into the value of your car.

Once we have a basic idea about your SUV, we'll quickly be able to make a cash offer. If you accept, tell us when and where to pick it up and we'll do it on the spot. Once your vehicle is towed, you can inquire about a free ride home or perhaps on your way to work.

If you choose to sell us your SUV and decided to turn your junk car into cash, we can usually have cash in your hand within one business day. Call us on Monday morning, and we can often pick up your SUV by the end of the day, Tuesday at the worst.

Contact us now to set an appointment, get a free quote, or perhaps enlighten you on any questions you might have.

We're proudly a Green operation. At Kelly Car Buyers, we'll fix up your car and resell it to someone who keeps using it. We care for our customers and we know how much value you put into your old vehicle - may it be a truck, SUV, or whatever model it is. You can rest assured knowing that your car is in good hands. The best Green policy is to reuse what we can.

If your car is totaled, we'll still try to salvage spare parts to keep other vehicles on the road.

If your car is only worth its weight in steel, we'll recycle as much as we can.

We'll also make sure that the many hazardous fluids and compounds in junk cars are dealt with in an environmentally responsible way.


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