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Reasons why you shouldn't sell your junk car to a dealership in Chicago

Are you having a junk car in Chicago which you’re hoping to sell? Do you wonder whether you should sell it to a dealership or privately? Selling a used car is tricky specially when you are selling it to a junk car dealership. There are a few reasons why you should not choose a dealership for a junk car selling. The primary one is definitely the value but here are a few more listed to help you decide where to go for selling you junk car for cash in Chicago.

Does the dealership buy Junk Cars?

Most of the dealers buy used cars but that doesn’t mean they deal in junk also. Since these dealers make a lot of profit from reselling the used cars that are in great condition. Therefore, a lot of them are not interested in cars that don’t run. So, if you are going to a dealership, check whether they deal in junk as well. There is no point to try if the dealer won’t make an offer because such a car will not be profitable for the efforts they might otherwise put in for selling.

Their Offer May Sound Interesting

Many of the dealerships might offer you to buy a new car in exchange of your junk car. While that is their work to sound it like the ‘best deal for your junk’, it is not required to be the one. Chances are that a dealer would be ready for a trade if you agree to buy a new car from them. Now that is a common tactic where the dealers try to convince you that your junk has a higher trade-in value and it would be an offer you won’t find anywhere in Chicago. But think twice if you want to sell the junk for cash on in exchange.

Do You have great negotiation skills?

Believe it or not, with an informed decision you can save an upward of approx. $5000 on a deal. But the dealers are here to make money. They sell and buy vehicles everyday and therefor knows all types of customers and know the best tactics to pressure them in selling the junk at margins. If you don’t have great negotiation skills like 80% of the sellers, don’t go to a dealer. They can rip you off in three typical way. First is the trade-in for your junk car where they may increase the value of the new car and calculate your junk for a nominal value. If you have negotiated the price of the vehicle, they may make a good profit at the financing part or the overall cost.

Is it worth selling to a dealer?

Most of the dealers in Chicago don’t offer a pickup for the junk. So, when you sell it to them, you also have to manage and pay for the towing service. In the end you would realize that it is not worth of the time and efforts you have invested in selling your junk car to a dealership.

What’s the alternate then?

There are a lot of options from private buyers to auto salvage yards that may be interested in a car that doesn’t run. Kelly Car Buyers is one of the best options you can look for if you want a hassle-free deal for a car that’s wrecked or doesn’t run. Just drop a query and you can have a good deal in cash as well.

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